The main challenges of open-innovation InnOpen solutions
Strategy and Objectives

Companies are structured around deterministic linear decision-making processes. This has the effect of curbing the commitment to a breakthrough innovation strategy full of uncertainties.

84.9% said innovation is very important, but 78% of respondents focus on incremental changes.

(Source State of Innovation 2017 CBINSIGHTS)

Strategic Innovation Lab © – InnOpen supports executives with a series of workshops and benchmarks to identify the strategic potential of open-innovation.


Strategic Innovation Roadmap – The InnOpen methodology, based on Lean UX, allows the company’s strategy to be revisited on two main axes: Improve the existing and develop new business through open-innovation and digital transformation.

Prepare and engage

Innovation becomes an opportunity for transformation if it is accompanied by an effective commitment of all the key functions of the company.

According to the managers surveyed, 53% of the obstacles to the deployment of innovation are related to internal cultural changes and the commitment of employees and managers.  (Source Harvard Business Review. May 2017)

Innovation Ignite – InnOpen assists you in implementing the most appropriate tools to create commitment to innovation with each stakeholder (Direction, Management, Business / BUs, Collaborators). With the help of its partners, InnOpen deploys these tools (Learning expedition, acculturation seminar, innovation / communication platform, Hackathon, gaming …) within your organization.

InnOpen accompanies support functions (HR, marketing, communication, sales, IT, Finance, Purchasing) in defining their role and innovation support processes.

Orchestrate and deploy

Building an effective open- innovation process requires changing internal processes from a closed linear approach to an open permeable culture.

Companies that have opted for an internal approach innovate less quickly.

60% of companies say it takes a year or longer to create new products, with almost one-fourth saying it takes over two years from ideation to launch. (Source State of Innovation 2017 CBINSIGHTS)

Innovation Engin – InnOpen brings you its expertise and an ecosystem of partners to build a powerful innovation engine and create new functions to anchor innovation processes in organizations.

InnOpen has developed the methodological tools to build a harmonious symbiotic relationship with start-ups and to ensure a relevant sourcing of start-ups.

Accelerate projects

Moving from ideation to validated proof of concept requires the internal use of agile approaches used by start-ups (Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, business model canevas, method C/K…)

82% of Startups are not satisfied with their relations with large groups.

Source survey RAISE & BAINS – David with Goliath

Innovation Drive – The tools developed by InnOpen make it possible to design the programs (Open-inno, intrapreneurship, Co-inno) according to similar processes ranging from ideation to placing on the market. In order to avoid the tunnel effect, InnOpen drew on the methodologies of start-ups to adapt them to the specific context of the company.

Scaling up the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the most critical phase for a start-up whether it is internal or external to a large group.

Most companies have set up dedicated incubators / accelerators, digital labs or innovation centers or the like. However, a growing number of companies is increasingly dissatisfied with the business impact generated from these units.

Peer Group “Scaling-Up” Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

Innovation Scale – With its Scale-up expertise, InnOpen guides you to adopt the winning strategies in order to take this decisive step.


Innovation Pilot © Innopen’s operational performance management tool for innovation, based on the work of Sophie Hooge and Roland Stasia,  allows to move from management control to controlled management.

Industrialize innovation

Large groups face difficulties to appropriate a technology developed by a start-up :

No industrial offer to easily outsource / Substantial investment required / Industrial and commercial risk to carry / Need to isolate risk in case of failure. (Source survey BPI 2017)

Innovation Venture – InnOpen and its partners propose innovative tools from Venture Capital As A Service, Scale-Up Joint Venture and levers for innovation financing.


InnOpen innovation process “From idea generation to project”